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Awesome Rust Mentors - github

New mentees

Welcome to awesome rust mentors! This project is a curated list of Rustaceans who are ready and willing to act as mentors to new Rustaceans looking to get more involved in the language and/or its community. If that sounds interesting to you, check out the rules and our list of mentors, pick one at random or maybe based off of their bio, and make a friend!

Expectations For Mentees

Mentees are expected to…

Missing Mentor Topics

If there are any topics of interest that you’re looking for that aren’t covered by any of the mentors here just open an issue to let us know! We will do our best to find a mentor for that topic / library / whatever and get them to sign up.

If you’re looking for someone to mentor solutions for just look for mentors that have as one of their mentor topics, they will be happy to help.

Code of Conduct

All mentors and mentees are expected to abide by the Rust community code of conduct. Violators will be removed from this list.

New Mentors

To apply, please open a PR that adds an entry for yourself to _includes/

Expectations For Mentors

Mentors are expected to…

Mentors are not expected to…

Project Mentorship


Turtle - Create Animated Drawings Quickly and Easily in Rust

Dotenv-linter - ⚡️ Lightning-fast linter for .env files. Written in Rust 🦀

OpenPowerlifting - Database, compiler, webserver, and data for the sport of Powerlifting. It’s all Rust!

cargo-tarpaulin - Code coverage for rust, source analysis, tracing, reporting

Linfa - A Rust machine learning framework

Individual Mentorship


Aaron Hill (@Aaron1011)

Ahmed Masud (@ahmed-masud)

Amit Upadhyay (@amitu)

Ana Hobden (@hoverbear)

Andre Bogus (@llogiq)

Andreas Fischer (@Vengarioth)

Andrew Yourtchenko (@ayourtch)

Andy Thomason (@andy-thomason)

Bernardo Meurer (@lovesegfault)

Bhargav Voleti (@bIgBV)

Cassie Meharry (@cassiemeharry)

Chuck Pierce (@charlespierce)

Cyryl Płotnicki (@cyplo)

Dimitri Sabadie (@phaazon)

Doug Tangren (@softprops)

Dylan DPC (@Dylan-DPC)

Eliza Weisman (@hawkw)

Erich Gubler (@erichdongubler)

Esteban Küber (@estebank)

Evan Chan (@velvia)

Gabe Martinez (@mystal)

Giles Cope (@gilescope)

Zephyr Shannon (@RadicalZephyr)

Gray Olson (@termhn)

Jane Lusby (@yaahc)

Jonathan Turner (@jonathandturner)

Jordan Gregory (@j4ng5y)

Joshua Mir (@joshua-mir)

Kevin Flansburg (@kflansburg)

Kevin Knapp (@kbknapp)

lcnr (@lcnr)

Lokathor (@lokathor)

Luca Barbato (@lu-zero)

Luca Palmieri (@LukeMathWalker)

Lucio Franco (@LucioFranco)

Maher Khalil (@maherkhalil07)

Marco Ieni (@MarcoIeni)

Mike Tang (@daogangtang)

Nikolai Vazquez (@nvzqz)

Phil Krones (@flip1995)

Raj (@avranju)

Robert Winslow (@rw)

Roman Proskuryakov (@kpp)

Shady Khalifa (@shekohex)

Søren Mortensen (@nerosnm)

Tim McNamara (@timClicks)

William (@Firstyear)

Xavier Lange (@xrl)

Zack M. Davis (@zackmdavis)

Andrew Lilley Brinker (@alilleybrinker)

Tyler Neely (@spacejam)

Berwyn Jamesson (@berwyn)

T.J. Telan (@tjtelan)

Aaron Abramov (@aaronabramov)

William Woodruff (@woodruffw)

Thomas Gideon (@cmdln)

Additional Resources